Thanks for stopping by our website.  As you may know, my family and I relocated here from Indiana to continue my career and enjoy all the beauty that Oregon has to offer.  Along with all the ‘craziness’ that 2020 has brought, it has also brought challenges within my extended family.  Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to return to Indiana.

I am pleased to announce that the fantastic husband and wife orthodontic team of Drs. Daniel and Lindsey Floyd will be assuming my practice.  They also have offices in Molalla and Happy Valley.  Please follow the link to their website to find out all about them and to schedule an appointment.

Our offices will remain at their current locations, along with the same telephone numbers.  The same great team will also continue to provide their same great care.

We have enjoyed getting to know our patients and greatly appreciate the confidence you have shown in us by seeking treatment in our office. I sincerely thank you for your support and confidence. I hope that you will exhibit the same trust and confidence in Drs. Floyd in the future.


Joseph R. Gregg DDS, MSD

Visit or call (503) 878-8887 to learn more.

Watch the video below about the announcement from Dr. Gregg.