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Gresham & Hood River

Portrait of a pretty woman smiling after her orhodontic treatment from Joseph R. Gregg Orthodontics

Modern Technological Systems

Joseph R. Gregg Orthodontics prides itself in staying up-to-date with all new advances and technologies in orthodontics to help you have the best possible treatment available. We are well trained and utilize the following systems:

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry designed to correct the position of misaligned teeth and jaws. Unfortunately, most of us are not born with a perfect teeth. Orthodontics can help you achieve a healthier mouth, a more beautiful smile, and a better life! At Joseph R. Gregg Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with new technological advances in orthodontics to help you have the best possible treatment available.

Why You May Need Orthodontics

During a consultation appointment, Dr. Joseph R. Gregg will be able to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for orthodontic treatment. We will perform a comprehensive exam, which includes diagnostic tools, a full medical and dental history, and special x-rays and photographs to develop a treatment plan that is right for you. You may benefit from orthodontic treatment if you have:
•  Crowding issues. This occurs when there is not enough space in the dental ridge to accommodate all of your teeth.
•  Spacing issues. This occurs when there are gaps between the teeth that cause problems with esthetics, chewing, and speaking.
•  Overbite. This occurs when the upper anterior (front) teeth rest too far forward over the anterior bottom teeth.
•  Underbite. This occurs when the lower teeth rest too far forward to create a bulldog appearance.
•  Crossbite. This occurs when the upper teeth do not rest slightly in front of your bottom teeth when the jaws are closed.
•  Open bite. This occurs when there is a space between the occlusal surface of the anterior and side teeth.
•  Misaligned midline. This occurs when the center of your upper anterior teeth does not align with the center of your bottom anterior teeth.

Advantages of a Beautiful Smile

There are several advantages to straight teeth, a proper bite, and a beautiful smile. Some of which include:
•  Improvements to your self esteem
•  Improvements to your self-confidence
•  Improvements to your oral hygiene
•  Improvements to your dental health
•  Improvements to your gum (periodontal) health
•  Improvements to your overall health
•  Improvements to your dental function

Orthodontic Services We Provide

We are well-trained and utilize the following systems:
•  Invisalign. This alternative to traditional braces is a discrete way to move your teeth into the proper positions. During Invisalign treatment, we fabricate a series of plastic aligner trays that slowly move your teeth, without the use of metal brackets or wires.
•  Invisalign Teen. Much like Invisalign, this system is designed to correct your smile, without the use of embarrassing braces. However, we know it can be hard for a teenager to follow their treatment plan. These aligners come with indicators on the side that show when the appliance is being used.
•  Damon System. This system involves the use of self-ligating braces, which has several advantages over traditional braces. The brackets and wires are less noticeable than other braces because there is no need for elastic bands. The Damon System can also reduce your treatment time.
•  SureSmile. This system uses computer technology to place and adjusts your braces with unmatched precision. A computerized image of your teeth allows us to fabricate wires that move your teeth in an efficient manner. This leads to fewer appointments and a faster treatment period.
•  Carriere Motion Appliance. This appliance solves complex problems with your molars and premolars in a sleek, comfortable and noninvasive way.
•  iTero 3D Scanning. This intraoral scanner produces 3D visualizations of your teeth and gums in real time. We use this tool to produce exceptional impressions that allow for more effective treatment plans.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about orthodontics, call (503) 489-4546, and schedule your consultation appointment today!

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